The work „Mantik“ is part of my occupation with the disease of dementia. I observed how my grandfathers dementia affected and changed the spaces he was living in and also the objects that he was using. An engram is a unit of information being stored inside the brain. An exogram in contrast is a piece of memory that we produced out side of our brain, for example something we wrote down in order to remember it. In the course of the disease the loss of memory is causing a insecurity of our self concept. Who am I? Where am I? And when?

I transformed cut out pieces of the original wainscoting of the old Reception of my grandfathers Hotel into plastic panels and turned them into a suspended ceiling. From this ceiling 50 vibrating motor are hanging down. The vibrating motor is a haptic interface between the digital and natural realm. Vibrating sensors are helping blind people to maneuver though traffic. Also they are the only moving part in our cellphones.

200 cm x 200 cm, Polystyrene, Aluminium, 50 Vibrating Motors, 2018